For a few days, Facebook has officialized the launching of this new functionality. So some can already benefit from it, it is not deployed yet in Belgium.

This option “Goes down for hearing Optimization” makes it possible the pages to optimize the range of their publications to reach a public targets selected. This tool of organic targeting has like final objective to increase the commitment of the public, in their proposer of the publications corresponding to their profile and their centers of interest.

As these captures of screen show it (presented on Blog of the Regulator) the new targeting is accessible via the “target” icon present in bottom from the window during the creation of a new publication.

Targeting of the wire of news

By refining the targeting, your publication will be seen by the selected people. It is possible to define the centers of interest, the age, the sex, the geographical zone, the spoken language,… These criteria give the possibility of switching the publication to reach people potentially interested, and thus more likely to click, liker or to share.

Restrictions of audience

This option limits the visibility of the publication to a specific demography according to the age, of the sex, the geographical zone and the language.

Seen audience

Lastly, statistics make it possible to analyze the way in which the audience reacts to the publications: clicks, divisions and likes. It is thus possible to measure the range and the commitment for each publication according to the criteria chosen, and thus to optimize the performance of its next publications.

These new tools are in the course of deployment, and are already accessible for the anglophone pages. We thus hope to see unloading these new features in Belgium in the next weeks!